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3 Day Refresh Results and Review

I was really excited to give this a try after hearing about people results and how they felt afterwards. After not eating so great the last while after Halloween, I really needed something to get me started going again. After loosing 30 pounds so far. I took a bit of break there and basically maintained my weight for a bit but now I’m stuck at this 169-170 mark and I wanted to try this out to see if I could get myself motivated to move down some more. So I’m going to log each day and see how I’m feeling and keep track of everything I’m eating.!!

Day 1

Woke up and drank my recommended water and then followed that up with a Chocolate Shakeology shake with a frozen banana.

I then had a black cup of coffee with a tsp of stevia.

Next was the fiber drink which I was actually scared to drink because everyone said how gross it was. Well to my surprise this was actually quite tasty. I had read to put ice in it and drink it through a straw and chug it!! So that I did and then I didn’t end up chugging it because it was actually tasty, It tastes kind of lemony and lime like, so overall not to bad!!

Now for lunch I had grapes and celery with almond butter, This was so good I felt like a kid again eating that. I’m going to have to introduce that into my regular routine of eating for sure.

Now for the Vanilla Fresh well now I had read from people that this was not to bad and well they were lying haha. I had read from others that they mixed in some cinnamon and ice so I did that too, nope still yucky!! Now here’s where i’m thinking NOOOOOO I have to drink this for supper too no no no this is going to suck. I did however come up with a plan for that shake!!

Now its snack time, I had some cucumber and avocado and hummus mixed!! This was a nice tasty snack, followed by and afternoon herbal tea!!

I am pleasantly surprised at this point in the day its about 4:30 and I’m not hungry at all so this is going great!!!

Now its dinner time and i’m remembering how gross that shake was, so I decided I would put some fresh ginger in there and some gingerbread spice and lots of ice!! This was much better not fabulous but tolerable to drink!!  I then have some steamed broccoli and cauliflower. The recipe called for the carrots to be cooked to but I opted to eat them raw, I cant stand cooked carrots. I then drizzled olive oil over top and I was good to go!!! Now to just make it till bed time and ill be sailing. If I’m hungry later I might have a tea!!

Day 2 

I woke up feeling great!! And not hungry at all!! I’m not usually very hungry in the morning but I thought I might be with not eating a whole lot the day before! So I got up and drank my water.

Breakfast was a chocolate Shakeology with peppermint extract and ice! And 1/2 cup mango. I already ate the mango before I took a picture so you get the whole mango for the picture.

Then I had a black coffee with Stevia for my mid morning treat and to keep from getting headaches!!

Now onto the fiber drink again I had it the same as yesterday’s with ice and chugged through a straw!

Lunch this time I knew what I was getting into so I got smart and I put 6 of my strawberries into my shake and a tsp of lime juice with ice cubes and blended it this was actually really good!! Then I ate the other 6 strawberries because I do like to chew my food so I feel like I’m eating. Next I had cucumbers and hummus with avocado again!!

Snack time was green beans roasted with olive oil and lime juice sooo good!!

On to my after tea which ended up being a black coffee because we ended up heading out to a friends house who doesn’t drink tea so I am going to drink a lot more water today to make up for this!

Now onto supper I make the vanilla fresh into a gingerbread shake again with fresh ginger and cinnamon and ice blended together this is actually good too highly recommend this to take away the taste of the vanilla. Then for dinner I made the cucumber and tomatoes salad in the book which taste like Greek salad really!! Minus the cheese which I didn’t miss at all I actually make a salad similar to this one all the time!! This was so filling and I wasn’t even that hungry by dinner time either!!

So far I’m keeping strong and doing great I am actually really happy with the food and how I’m feeling I have bounds of energy and I’m not missing my meat or bread or dairy at all!

Here’s today’s food

Day 3

Woke up this morning super tired because I had that coffee super late in the day and didn’t fall asleep till past midnight! Won’t do that again. But I feel great otherwise. I can’t believe it’s my last day today it’s gone by pretty fast.

Woke up and had my water. The had my chocolate shake with peppermint extract. And 1 small orange

Next was my morning coffee with stevia and an hour later I had the fiber renew this honesty is not that bad I really don’t mind it!!

For lunch I had the vanilla refresh shake with 6 strawberries blended and 1/4 cup of grapes and cucumber with hummus avocado mixture again.

For snack I had almond butter and celery this is just so good haha.

For supper I had my vanilla refresh with ginger and cinnamon and ice mixed in!!  With broccoli and cauliflower steamed with olive oil and carrots on the side.

So as you can see I repeated a few meals over this was because why make things more complicated. I knew I didn’t want to think to much about food during the cleanse and I didn’t want to over complicate things and make it as easy as possible for myself to stick to it!

So Now for my results!!!

  • Starting Weight 171.9 
  • Ending Weight 165.8 
  • Total Weight lost 6.1 Pounds

I lost an 1 Inch off my belly as well. I feel like these results are great!! I feel great and I am hoping now that I defiantly broke that Plateau!

I feel like this was extremely easy to follow and stick to. I would be able to do this again!! I didn’t mind the fiber drink at all and I made the vanilla refresh work. I’m not a fan of Vanilla shakes to begin with so I knew going into it I probably wouldn’t like the taste of it. I have a challenger that just started hers yesterday and she is loving the flavor and can drink it plain with nothing added in so its defiantly a personal preference!

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