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You Guessed It!!

13957482_10157283769040387_681926350_nWell I’m sure you have all been wondering what the heck is with all the beachbody 21 Day Fix posts. Well here it is!! I have signed up to be an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. I know a lot of you are thinking why a coach? Why?? Because honestly I am getting great results from it and I love the company and the people I have met along the way.

I have always loved doing homework outs and have a gym in my home but in all honesty I really love what beachbody offers, at home workouts that are usually 30 to 40 minutes long and who doesn’t have time for that. I first fell in love with Turbo Jam years ago before I even had kids!! Its a great program with a great instructor. It a mix between dancing and boxing and well we all know how I love to dance. Then there was Turbo Fire  its the turbos of turbo jam and man it packs in the punch so fun!!! After that I tried Hip Hop ABs oh wait whats that another Dance one!! Your seeing the pattern here right lol. I guess I’m drawn to the dancing workout’s and well Dance for 30 minutes straight you’ll be sweating. If you know me at all im usually the girl at the party on the dance floor.

After a few years now I had a couple of cute kids and well lets say I gained a few  a lot of weight and have struggled for some time. I lost a lot of weight and well gained it all back and then I lost it again and then gained it back and then some. I tried getting a personal trainer in person and that worked for a bit but that got really expensive really fast as a stay at home mom. So then I tried the online trainer and well that was a flop too. I really enjoyed the work outs but He had me having to be in the gym. I just never really felt comfortable in the gym always felt intimated by the other people staring at me wondering why I was there. It didn’t help that I live 20-30 min from the gym and I felt like I was always wasting half my day driving to the gym and then going to the gym. I had to get my money’s worth out of the babysitting I was paying for so I made sure to stay there for the two hours I was being billed for. So that right there was 3 hours out of my day just at the gym. Who wouldn’t give that up right away? I did anyways so I started building my own home gym and I was using it a lot and doing great but never really got my eating down properly to make any noticeable changes in my body. Fast forward to last year when I got re introduced to Beachbody by a friend of mine and well lets say it has really helped I did 2 rounds of 21 day fix and lost 14 pounds and kept it off and more for the last year. This program was a life changer no more counting calories!! It was all laid out on a sheet of paper and you just had to fit the food in the container plain and simple honestly!! And you can still have your treats too and WINE!! yes I said WINE!! I know that might not seem like a lot to most but to me it makes me proud knowing I finally have gotten control of my binge eating and I’m starting to be healthier everyday!! Fast forward to today and well here I am just about to start a new challenge group with my coach doing the new Country Heat program this one is going to be so fun its line dancing meets working out so fun!! AND the nutrition program is using the same containers from the 21 day fix!

That’s my why and I want to help you too, because I know what its like to struggle and guess what nobody is perfect and we all have our ups and downs and I’m a real person too trying just like you to get healthy on this journey. So if you want to join me on this journey shoot me an email comphycountry @ gmail (dot) com  or facebook message me. I will be hosting challenge groups along the way with prizes for you. I know I will be the perfect coach for you! I am a great motivator and I love to create recipes that will help you along the way. We can find the perfect program just for you. I will be hosting my first challenge group on Sept 15th!! So come join me I know you won’t regret it!!

Love you all guys and hope you will join me on my journey!!

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