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Single serving 

21 day fix


1/2 red container of ground beef mixed with Smokey Southwestern Season from the 21 day fix approved seasonings.

1 table spoon Greek yogurt ( part of your red container)

1/2 green container  lettuce and tomato

2 corn tortilla’s which equals 1 yellow container

1/2 blue cup of shredded cheese


Place Corn tortillas in microwave according to package directions or in oven to make them crispy.Take out when cooked to your liking.

Place remaining ingredients on top of tacos fold up and enjoy. I also added homemade salsa on top which was included in the green container.

* If you want to make these full containers you could add another yellow container of corn tortillas or just make a salad on the side with the rest, which is what I did!

1/2 green, 1/2 red, 1 yellow,1/2 blue





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