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Coop Tour and New Curtains

My ladies are settling nicely so far we are now averaging 9-10 eggs a day so that great! They were not laying so well and I think I had an egg eater so I had to do something about that quick before it turned into a bad habit. My girlfriend had made a suggestion that I make some curtains for the nesting boxes. At first I was like what they don’t need curtains haha. But I took me google into my hands and sure enough it helps. Turns out they like a nice quite dark place and then they can’t see the eggs. Sure enough the next day we got 10 eggs and then again today as well so here’s hoping they keep laying this good!!

So as promised I’ll take you on a lil coop tour.

Outside of the coop
inside the coop

Inside is an old ladder from our barn tear down and some other roosts. On the floor I have wood shavings and some dried leaves.

new curtain update
before curtains

Nesting boxes they only ever use the bottom ones not sure if I should make have a ladder to the top ones maybe and that it matters by they prefer the bottom ones. The curtains took me a matter of 15 mins maybe and old sheet and staple gun and scissors a quick and cheap fix!!

On the other side of coop I store all the straw and feed so it’s not really that interesting haha. We are loving the girls so far and they are so friendly!!

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