New Chickens 

Well I know it’s been a while but we have some exciting news!! We got our self some new ladies. Isa Browns 10 of them they are a little worse for wear. I went to go pick them up a week ago and was only planning on getting 6 well I cam home with 10 haha. I wanted to save them all but there was just so many there. I’m so glad we got them though they are finally settling in good to. They go up on their roost finally by themselves at night and not into the nesting box. Only took about 5 days for them to finally catch on which is great! It should be a fun adventure and the kids are having a great time with them.  

We are already getting an average of 8 eggs a day which is awesome and the kids are loving fetching the eggs.

We kept them in the coop for about 5 days so they could figure out where home was and we finally let them out to see the world and they are pretty scared (chicken) to be exact they haven’t ventured to far. But they do like to follow me around the yard in a lineup it’s kinda cute. 

I’ll take you on a coop tour next time so you can see what we designed on the inside as well as a post on the ladies and introduce you to them! 

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