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Chewy Vegan Salted Caramels



Ok seriously folks, DAMY Health has done it this time these might not be the prettiest looking chewy vegan salted caramels but they by far the tastiest. I was going to dip them in chocolate too to make the chocolate covered salted caramels but this is just as delish. Actually that’s a lie they never made it that far they were gobbled up pretty fast here, so I guess its safe to say ill be making another batch of these bad boys!!  click links below for recipes:

chewy vegan salted caramels

chocolate covered salted caramels


How about that plate too its a little creation I painted up at the Hot Pot Studio in Red Deer, so fun my daughter and I frequent it a lot so I’m sure you’ll be seeing a few other things we have made too.  The owner Candace there is amazing too and is kind and friendly. Honestly if you have never been you should go give it a try!! Here is a couple of things we have made there .


My son did the yellow plate and orange kitty he is 7 and my daughter who is 3 painted the blue paint and multi coloured kitty and the plate and cup are the ones I did. Honestly we love it so much its so fun to have personalized stuff.

I’m slowly cleaning up the garden too and picking all my goodies, I have so much zucchini ha-ha but it freezes well so I’m ok with that. Look forward to some of those recipes as well. Check out my haul from the other day.



I also dug up all my potatoes too and Ill have to take a picture of the pumpkin we have growing its getting huge and starting to turn orange now too so fun. I have tried a couple of times to grow a pumpkin but have never until this year succeeded so that pretty exciting for us. The things we get excited about hay.



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