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Chocolate Cherry Chunk Coconut Cookies


Its been kind of a gloomy day here today not very warm at all, I have got a ton of stuff done day though and its only just after lunch, go ME!! I got my workout in this am and then right after decided it was time to finish cleaning out the camper for the season ugh that’s a chore. After that I sat down and was looking through a bunch of DAMY Health’s recipes and came across these beauties. Chocolate Cherry Chunk  Coconut Cookies (say that fast five times in a row) and thought oh those are the ones right there that I was going to make. I have a bunch of frozen cherries left over from the farmer market this summer so this is perfect. I always have ripe bananas on hand too and this is a super simple recipe.  They taste pretty delish right out of the oven but I like them better when they are cold in the fridge!!  Chocolate and Cherries you can’t go wrong!!

Recipe: Chocolate Cherry  Coconut Cookies

If you like that recipe you could also try her easy 3 ingredient cookies as well so fun and easy!!

Don’t forget too that its still not to late to join the Challenge for the Best Body Ever Challenge!!


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