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Get Your Greens On!!

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This is a glass of energy!! I love making juice normally I make a green juice on Thursday, because that’s clean out the fridge day, but today I wanted a juice just because I love the way I feel after a good green juice. You honestly feel so alive and fresh. This beauty consisted of

Kale stems left over from making kale chips (no waste in this house)





1/2 pear (because my son decided he didn’t like it anymore lol)




Throw in juicer, haha and juice and drink!

I really don’t have any reason for my juices I just use up what I have left in the house haha!! Great way to get your greens and use of some of that produce that is starting to go bad!!

Damy Health  has some great recipes for green drinks too!!

 Tropical Greens Juice

Mango Greens Juice

Daves Green Goddess Juice

Martha Stewarts Green Juice

The Green Apple


Whats your take on Juicing, Nah, Yeah? I like too  mostly because they are so much faster then juice and your not loosing all the fibre either, but I think juicing has its benfits as well.


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