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Stuffed Zucchinis

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So are you all sick of Zucchini yet? I’m not quite yet!! It really is the most versatile vegetable out there!! I made these the other night for supper and boy was I stuffed. You really could throw whatever you want on them. I had a craving for potato skins and this was the next best thing!

In my mix there is:

1 Zucchini cut in half and seed hollowed out

1 Spinach and Feta Chicken Sausage ( I found this at Walmart and its the great value brand and is pretty good)

1 tomato chopped and seeded

1 small onion

1/4 up grated cheese

garlic to taste

salt and pepper,

1 dollop of Greek yogurt on top!!


Place Sausage, onions, garlic in pan and fry up with a spray of oil, Place everything in Zucchini boats when finished and place in oven at 350 and cook for about 30 min or till desired tenderness!


If you want to look up of DAMY Health’s recipes she has some great ones too!

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Ok who doesn’t like wining prizes!! I sure do! Check it out click on picture or head on over to DAMY Health for more info!


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