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The sneakiest supper ever!! Actually its an awesome supper I actually quite enjoy this so much you don’t even miss the noodles and honestly not many people can tell the difference. I sneak in zucchini noodles in my lasagna all the time lol, shhhhh don’t tell lol.

DAMY Health has a great recipe for Lasagna . Honestly you can just make your own lasagna  the normal way you do and just replace the noodles with zucchini noodles or to start like I did just replace a layer or two with them to start.

In mine I have, cottage cheese, ground turkey, marinara sauce, parmesan cheese, zucchini,

I could eat this for supper ever night, well ok not every night but pretty close.

Ok I have to tell you my son who is 4 said the funniest ting to me yesterday our conversation went like this

Me: Ok JW thats enough, I said no i’m putting my foot down!!

JW: Well mom why don’t you just pick your foot up again and say yes!

He cracks me up!!

Ok now get making this I can guarantee you its delish!

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