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Almond Milk

I have a little treat today for you all, homemade almond milk and you won’t believe how easy and cheap it is to make!!
Seriously don’t buy it anymore its that easy and tastes fantastic!!

1. soak 1 cup of nuts in 3 cups water overnight?

2. pour mixture into blender and blend at high speed till almost completely mulched up as good as you can get it.



3. Pour mixture through cheese cloth, nut bag, stainer, something to catch the almonds that didn’t blend up. Then squeeze the nutbag so all the liquid comes out.



4. Now you are left with almond meal!! Dry this out and use as almond flour in your favourite recipes!! told you it was easy!!



You can add some vanilla flavouring to this as well or even cocoa powder for chocolate almond milk you decide! If its not sweet enough for you can also add some dates in and blend up!


I added vanilla to mine and its DElish!

Sorry about the crappy photos lol!!
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