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Um Can you Say Chocolate Heaven!!

OMG!! So you all know my cravings with strawberries right now and heck now lets add in some Chocolate cake to go with it. I made this last night and its sooooo delish! Man approved!!


I changed it up a bit from what Amy did at DAMY Health. I made it in layers but you can do it her way as well which is less work ha-ha!! I put a layer of crust then a layer of the chocolate fudge, then a layer of sliced strawberries, then a layer of crust then the fudge and whola your done. I defiantly will be putting more strawberries on top though next slice I have why because its good and I can!! Once again I’m sorry for my picture taking skills I only have my I phone and well it doesn’t take the greatest food pics.  But I’m not a photographer either or a chef of any sort, but what I do know is this is delish even though its not the most appealing looking. If you head over to DAMY Health you can see her pictures and recipe for it there and its much more appetizing!

You can find the recipe for this little piece of heaven here:

choc cake2

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