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Protein Pancakes


Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat pancakes everyday!! Well guess what you can and its possible and its super easy!! I Usually just make on big huge pancake and it fills up my entire plate but you can make them smaller too! There are so many variations out there that you can use, but the one I have come to like the most is just plain old pancakes with fruit on top. I like to use frozen berries then heated up in a small pot or microwave, so you get the juices then you don’t need to add syrup, don’t get me wrong I use syrup but not all the time. When I do I make sure its low in sugar or I use maple syrup as well.

I usually have a big batch of premade oatmeal in my fridge, as I eat oatmeal in some form or another every morning. You could also you oat flour or oat bran or for a different flavor and texture you could use Almond flour as well to make your Pancakes, If you don’t like the texture from just oatmeal. I find if I use cooked oatmeal, its closer to the texture of a real homemade oldskool traditional pancake!! There really are so many variations out there you just need to experiment till you find the one that you love and you can have your pancakes and eat them too!!

You can find how to make this Protein Pancake at DAMY Health, she has a tone of recipes for them here.

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