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Fave things Friday!

Whooo it’s Friday!!, Actually everyday is Friday for me so it doesn’t really matter but for those of you out there where the days matter, the weekend is here, this week actually has flown by already.

So im going to make Friday’s my fave things or finds!! So going with that here is my FAVORITE find so far, I use it all the time!

The Ninja

Today I whipped up some goodies in there. I made protein Eatmore Bars and Mini Pumpkin protein Pies ( These were a test run) Not sure how they are going to taste, ill let you know if they are worth posting the recipe for!!

If you havent seen this puppy in action you MUST!!
Here’s the LINK
Seriously It does it all, it has to be one of my favorites!! As far as a blender goes. This was one of my can’t sleep at 4am purchases haha whoops but totally worth it!!
Ok so on to the goods
Here is the protein Eatmore Bars
Eat More Bars!
from Damy Health, you can get the recipe there.
honestly these things are AWSOME!! soooo good taste like the real thing you would never know its healthy for you!
Work out today was just Cardio,
I have been trying this 20 min challenge out it’s a doozer, it’s actually 30 min, and there is no way in I can run that fast right now so im doing about an 8 instead of 12 mph, with 30 sec runs with 15 sec rests, Trust me it still burns. I did this on Tuesday and then today and will do it again on Sunday!!
bump yah later!
Mel ♥

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